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  • What is Digital Marketing?
    Digital marketing is a way to connect with your customers through digital channels to merchandise your products and services online. Digital marketing uses Emails, Search Engines, Websites, Social media, and Mobile to connect with the audience at the right time and with the right message. There are oodles of strategies and tactics that fall within the confines of digital marketing. To brief you, the most common approach is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which optimize your web pages so that it can rank higher in search engines to soar up the organic traffic to your website. PPC or Pay Per Click is another strategy to drive traffic to your website. You pay to the advertising channel (Google, Facebook, Youtube) every time your ad gets clicked. There are many methods of advertising your brand digitally. Like Google Adwords, banner ads, text ads, and video ads. Advertising on Social media can prove to be a boom for your brand. Why? As more and more people are using Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you get tons of potential customers on these digital platforms. Content marketing and blogging are other digital marketing tactics. People read your blogs and content for their awareness, and ...
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  • If I am unsatisfied with Dtekdigital campaign results, will I still be indebted contractually to work with you?
    We believe in developing long-term and trustworthy relations with our clients, so our contract doesn’t levy such debts on you. Campaigns usually take 4 to 6 months to f lourish. That’s when you start seeing its results. Even if you don’t think our campaigns and strategies are leading in the right direction you have envisioned, you can back out at any point you wish.
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  • Do you consider my opinions and preferences as well in developing and executing any of campaign?
    Yes, we do consider our clients’ opinions and preferences well before we start designing and executing any of the ad campaigns. The campaign we create is a blend of your vision and ideas with implementing our designing expertise and professionalism. We connect with our clients throughout the process to appreciate the progress made and to go beyond our clients’ expectations.
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  • How can Dtekdigital help me?
    Whether you have a small or big brand to promote, Dtekdigital helps you to ethically implement different digital tools and approaches to promote your brand and accomplish your goals. Our experts at Dtekdigital are competent enough to build an engaging presentation of your brand that can fetch more organic traffic to your website, ultimately converting them into leads. We understand when and where you get the loopholes, proper optimization of loopholes is necessary to see the great results. We offer tailored and poignant campaigns strategies that suit your budget and business the best and which genuinely soars up your conversion rates to get higher ROI. We understand what customers need and what they buy when they search on Google. Therefore, we help you to build up long-tail keywords so your brand could be discoverable to a wider range of customers. We never settle for average, and therefore, we always add more aesthetic sense, vibrancy, and visual zeal to your projects. Our team of Google certified professionals put in their skills to make your business and brand flourish.
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  • How does Dtekdigital report your monthly results?
    We sufficiently apprise our clients with the monthly report that we provide. The report includes: Campaign status that includes all the progress, leads generated and budget stats. The success rate of the ongoing campaigns. It further acquaints you with the CPC rate, bounce rate, number of times your ads have come up in the search results and been viewed, number of clicks it has obtained, and many more. Comparison between the campaigns that worked and that didn’t. Further optimization of the campings that didn’t work. If there is any specific information that you want to be detailed in your report, let us know. We generally share the reports with our clients once a month. However, we can tailor that with the specific information you need if any, and the reporting frequency as per the clients’ demand.
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