Work with a Dedicated Digital Marketing Company

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What is Digital Marketing?

The Internet is becoming the global town square for all the brands today!
Digital marketing is the tool to assist brands in surviving on the Internet. Also called online marketing, it connects brands to potential customers through various digital channels such as websites, email, social media, search engines, and mobile apps.
If you are a business owner, digital marketing gives you wings to reach the global marketplace with your marketing strategies. What makes this form of online marketing unique today is the benefit of knowing your online audience on a personal level to gain customer loyalty. Yes, it allows you to track customer response to your marketing efforts immediately!

What are the benefits of digital marketing for any business?

Small scale businesses, large and established companies, or one among the MSMEs – It doesn't matter. 

Digital marketing helps businesses compete with their competitors and get their first customers on the door! It gives you access to tools and marketing techniques to drive the online prospects of todays' huge marketplace. Here are some benefits to switch to digital marketing against the traditional form of marketing products and services.

  • 24/7 brand promotion

Indeed, the Internet doesn't sleep! That means your online assets, including your business website with its social media profiles, ebooks, and articles, are your salespeople who promote you 24/7 to get the right audience.

  • Reach a wide and relevant audience

More than 3 billion people are using the Internet every day! Running a digital marketing campaign will help you reach the right customers searching for products and services like yours.

  • Have real-time engagement

Straightaway- 90% of buying decisions are emotion-based! Thus, developing and maintaining relationships with your prospects and existing customers. It may be the case that prospects may not be doing business with you or buying from your online business, but maintaining a good relationship can help you be on their top lists for the next time. 

  • Scale-up with better conversion rate

Online advertising is a part of digital marketing, and thus using advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Bing allow you to run ads faster. It will enable you to double your income while improving your ad conversion rate.

How much does digital marketing cost?

Digital Marketing costs can range from $400 per month to $22,000 per month. This difference in range primarily depends on the services included in the plan. 

Such massive differences in pricing may put you in a dilemma in choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business. In Australia, there are three broad plans in which all digital marketing plans fall.

  • Volume outsource provider
  • Specialist social media agencies
  • Advertising agencies or full-service marketing.

Depending on your company's size and the requirements of your project, the prices may rise considerably. Also, since digital marketing is an ongoing project, you can expect to see changes in price plans while growing your business. 

These providers are designed as one size does not fit all, and so, no single digital marketing strategy can fit all the companies. The Volume Outsource Providers primarily execute their work overseas and have a presence locally in Australia. You can expect the expenses for digital marketing to be between $200 to $800 per month. 

Specialist Social Media Agencies typically consist of professionals, locally based and operating across the range of SEO services within client accounts. The pricing here may vary between $1,000 to $3,000 per month.

Full-Service Marketing delivers all sorts of digital marketing services for your business. It is one place for all kinds of SEO services, social media marketing, and dealing with printed collaterals. The price you can expect to go for this is anywhere between $4,000 to $22,000 per month.

Are you an Australian-based company?

Yes, we are an Australian-based digital marketing company. 

Dtek Digital is a Sydney-based digital marketing agency that assists you in expanding your online business using PPC, SEO, and Social Media. The company provides refined strategies to upscale your online presence through optimizing and designing your website and content. Add value to your brand with a reliable digital marketing agency in Australia.

We help you:

  • Drive traffic to your business through multiple channels
  • Track your customer’s journey
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Make most out of your marketing budget

We develop functional digital marketing strategies for your business. Get the best digital marketing solutions to stay on top of the search results!

Do you lock-in into any contract?

Dtek Digital does not lock-in into any contract.

We provide result-driving digital marketing services at affordable pricing. You get a complete package for SEO, Social Media Ads, PPC Management, and Content Marketing services for your business. We help your business upscale by putting life into ideas and thus, adding value to your online brand, with no lock-in into our contract.

What is the cost of your services?

The cost varies between AU$699 to AU$1599 for our different packages for digital marketing services.

The packages are tailored to meet the digital marketing services for various businesses. Our Basic SEO Package starts from AU$699. You get keyword optimization up to 15 with other services, including on-page and technical audit, local citations, high-quality backlinks, keyword and competitive research, and more!

Our Standard SEO Package starts at AU$999 and incorporates keyword optimization up to 30. Additionally, all the SEO services of the Basic SEO plan extend here, including generating high-quality backlinks, tag optimization, and regular updates on conversions.

If you want 50+ keyword optimization, our Professional SEO Package starts at AU$1599. You get a complete SEO package with functional SEO services, including on-page and technical audit, generation of high-quality backlinks (content creation included), google analytics results for your business, and many more! 

Get in touch with us for a customized SEO package. We strategize result-driving digital marketing services as per your business needs.