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SEO Services Tailor-Made for Your Business

A standard Search Engine Optimisation approach is as good as a one-size-fits-all strategy; it will leave you barking up the wrong tree. Dtekdigital has bespoke SEO services for your unique business needs and unique target audience. 

Here’s a list of SEO services accomplishing a range of targets for your website.

E-Commerce SEO

Dominate Your Marketplace

Be found in product searches on the search engines. Our optimization strategies not only enhance your rankings but also improve your CTR in SERPs.  Make your eCommerce store the first to be clicked in search results with the right e-commerce SEO strategies at Dtekdigital.

Local SEO

Harness the local community

Be the A-lister in your neighbourhood and let your customers know you’re the cream of the crop in the region with geocentric optimisation. We will get your business listed on Google and develop your website and GMB (Google My Business) profile so you can secure your local clientele and establish brand credibility.

International SEO

Be a world-class player

Win global recognition and admiration for your business in diverse cultures and countries. We will help you reach a worldwide audience, expand internationally and uphold your position while deploying conversion strategies on your web pages that help in increasing business revenues. 

Lead Generation SEO

Fetch leads that convert into sales

When SEO gives you traffic, we generate leads. Our creative content creators help in adding value to your website and take it to the next level – web pages that customers really value and appreciate.

Our team will help your website evolve by diagnosing issues and rectifying them, and notify you about evident results, and optimize to deliver highly qualified leads.

Enterprise SEO

Grand solutions for grand ambitions

Dtekdigital utilizes multiple avenues to achieve a prominent presence, drive enterprising connections, build trust, and raise the bottom line of your large business.

Our dedicated SEO team will harness effective channels—Google trends, global exposure, high-quality niche backlinking, to optimize online presence to the nines.

Digital Marketing

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What makes us stand out from the rest?

Reasons to Count on Our SEO Solutions

We are obsessed with results and take pride in our ethical approach to make you rule organic search results.

We get stuff done
Mindlessly implementing strategies is like going on a wild goose chase. Our skilled SEO experts carefully craft, implement, and track strategies apt for your business. We study and follow data-backed practices to convert traffic into profitable sales.
We focus on satisfying the end users
Our goal for you is to burgeon traffic and increase revenue, but our goal for your target audience is satisfaction. A happy customer = Great business In order to fetch results, we leverage the most fruitful asset of your business—your clients. Our team focuses on creating a gratifying and worthwhile User Experience (UX) to change the vendor-client gap into a loyal and long-term relationship. The content we create for your website is aimed at providing relevant answers to people’s questions while being SEO friendly. This gets your website to be favoured by Google, be featured in Google’s Rich Answer Box, drive and retain relevant traffic by establishing your brand’s authority on the topic, and rank on top on SERPs.
Get your money’s worth
At Dtekdigital, SEO is a journey. Our project management specialists work to make your ride as smooth as possible with the destination being good value for your money. We strive to improve the ROI (Return On Investment) to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. You will receive detailed monthly reports of the strategies applied, progress made and results achieved.
Ethical SEO practices that drive results
When it comes to SEO, quick and dirty work will be the downfall of your website. We don’t believe in temporary solutions. Rather, we work on reliable, lasting solutions. Like the backlinks we source, our provisions are permanent and work in favour of your company instead of running the risk of landing you in hot water. We believe in adding value to your endeavours to build a reputable authority for your domain and help you gain top-rankings on Google.
The proof’s in the pudding
With 12+ years of experience and 350+ successful projects under our belt, you can trust our optimisation strategies and solutions to help your business thrive and rise to top. You can test our SEO services for yourself. We guarantee Google rankings within 70 days or we work for free. There are no binding ties while working with Dtekdigital other than actual results.

SEO Summary Brief

How can SEO Upscale Your Business?

How can SEO Upscale Your Business?

There is a reason why more and more people are choosing to take their business online—the prospect for growth is massive! But so is the competition.

To bring your business in the public eye you need an appropriate marketing strategy. That’s where our SEO specialists come in.

Search Engine Optimisation is exactly like it sounds—optimising your website for massive growth. SEO will help you gain maximum visibility in Google and other search engines.

The layers of SEO strategies are many with multiple parameters involved. Dtekdigital has got you covered with 12+ years of experience in meticulous implementation covering the gamut of all known SEO parameters.

Here’s how it works

Here’s how it works

SEO is all about working out strategies for success. Ours is trust, transparency, and crystal-clear communication while working in your time zone. Not only do we optimize your website but also provide monthly reports with KPIs so you stay informed about your expenditure’s returns.

  1. Review – Whether you are a startup or a well-established business looking for that silver bullet to climb to the top of the ranks, our dedicated veterans will review your needs, wants, and goals to make them their own. This will help us understand your target users and their pain points.
  2. Analyze and Ideate – Our web development team will audit your site and server for:
    • Usability, resourcefulness, and speed
    • Technical on-site and off-site SEO
    • Content, media assets, and Information architecture
    • Previous and present data analysis (traffic, leads, conversions, campaigns..)

      We will then brainstorm solutions to find the best fit for your requirements.

  3. Implement – Optimising comes next. Our digital marketing experts will work on a custom-made marketing campaign for your website. We will optimize your website for SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and create content that is loved by the audience. We do this by:
    • Building and restructuring (redirecting and disavowing links, schema implementation, CTA improvement)
    • Content development (optimizing and standardizing meta descriptions, title tags, images)
    • Ongoing monitoring and reporting competitors
    • Researching, mapping, and tracking—keywords, lead journey, conversions, visit history, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  4. Evaluate – Our dedicated marketers will test, evaluate, and improve strategies based on factual data, evidence and real results to keep you on top of your game.

Your Website will be Audited for SEO Factors like

Your Website will be Audited for SEO Factors like

  • Usability and Accessibility (web crawlers)
  • Page Response Time
  • Link Structure
  • Content and Media Assets
  • UX and UI Design
  • Site Security
  • Metadata (HTML elements—title tags & description)
  • Website Errors
  • Performance analysis (traffic, lead generation & conversion rate)

We Will Test Your Website's SEO for

Page Loading Speed

Website Security

Page Errors

Metadata (title & description)

Usability & Crawlability

Website Content

SEO Packages & Features

No Contact, No Surprise Fees.

Basic Package
Keyword optimization Up to 15
$699+GST /month
  • ON Page & Technical audit
  • Keyword & competitive Research
  • Local Citations
  • High Quality Backlinks
  • (Content creation included) Links from niche high quality websites and blogs
  • Google Analytics and Tag manager
  • Tag Optimization (Title description, image, H1, H2)
  • Regular updates on conversions & website improvements
Standard Package
Keyword optimization Up to 30
$999+GST /month
  • ON Page & Technical audit
  • Keyword & competitive Research
  • Local Citations
  • High Quality Backlinks
  • (Content creation included) Links from niche high quality websites and blogs
  • Google Analytics and Tag manager
  • Tag Optimization (Title description, image, H1, H2)
  • Regular updates on conversions & website improvements
Professional Package
Keyword optimization Up to 50+
$1599+GST /month
  • ON Page & Technical audit
  • Keyword & competitive Research
  • Local Citations
  • High Quality Backlinks
  • (Content creation included) Links from niche high quality websites and blogs
  • Google Analytics and Tag manager
  • Tag Optimization (Title description, image, H1, H2)
  • Regular updates on conversions & website improvements

What Our Clients Says

Making it look like readable English. Many desktop publishing packages…

They are excellent, an amazing digital marketing professionals, highly recommendable. Always provides very helpful information and improving tips for our day by day work and improve our business. Thanks so much for all your help.

Upneet Kaur Narula

I've known Arvind Singh for several years. He is a successful business owner. Not only does he have an interest in a popular cafe in Double Bay, he is also a successful digital marketing consultant. His knowledge, passion and professionalism all combine to ensure that he achieves great results for his clients. Arvind 'gets it' and his expertise will drive your business onto even greater success.

Rupert Morgan-Jones

Had a good experienced with guys. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Dr. Ballu Mobile phone expert

We hired Dtek digital for our social media campaign management, they show up the great attention to details and produce great results. Definitely recommending them Thanks

Pablo morgade

We hire Dtekdigital digital marketing agency to run our Facebook ads campaigns and happy to see how they managed to get leads for our real estate business.

Patiala Homes

I have used Dtek Digital for Facebook and Google add campaigns. I have had a very good experience with Dtek team. All the process was very clear and the best thing is they educate their clients as well on the way. The way of their reporting is good and easy to understand. I highly recommend Dtek Digital.

Manpreet Kaur Sehgal

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for SEO to Work?

SEO is an investment and the return takes time to fully mature. You can start seeing results initially, which will keep on growing with time. In 6-12 months, you will be able to see an evident surge in your website’s traffic, increased conversion rate, profitable ROI and consistent top-rankings on Google.

Each company is unique and will have a unique growth timeline, but we guarantee Google rankings within 70 days or we work for free.

How to choose the Best SEO company?

  • Services, Tools and Strategies: First of all, you have to check what services the SEO company is offering and if they match your SEO goals. For example, one of the services that Dtekdigital offers is International SEO, which will help you reach a global audience and gain recognition for your brand worldwide. 

See all our SEO service offerings here.

Reviewing the strategies and tools that the company uses is crucial. If SEO is done irresponsibly and using unethical (black-hat SEO) practices, it can damage your business’s reputation and cause your website to suffer.

  • Social Proof: Testimonials from satisfied clients and their experience with the company can tell a lot about the company’s work ethic, procedures and success rate—especially case studies similar to your business domain.

  • Evaluate the Company’s Website: Consider the website of the SEO company as their portfolio. It is a clear reflection of their skills and abilities. A great website will indicate quality work for the client. If the company is promising quality work and design, it should reflect on their own site as well.

Bonus! Companies that guarantee results are committed to their jobs. They promise trial services, sample result measurement reports, and free site audits so you can make an informed decision without any commitments.

What questions need to be asked from an SEO company?

  • It’s important to ask the right questions to choose the right SEO company for your business.

    The main goals of SEO are to rank higher, drive traffic and build domain authority for your website. So, you need to ask about the strategies, actions, and tools that the SEO company plans on deploying to achieve these goals and the time required for optimising your website. These include both on-page and off-page actions detailed below:

    • Technical On-site SEO –  Site content including LSI keyword coverage strategy, site-response speed, mobile friendliness, URL structure, metadata, SEO roadblocks, etc. The quality of work delivered by the SEO company will determine your site crawlability and indexing by Google, and relevant keyword rankings. The end result should be measurable organic traffic that converts.
    • Building Your Link Profile – The kind of backlinks, and authority of links sourced by the company can either skyrocket your traffic and rankings or destroy your website’s reputation. A strong link profile requires a good content strategy to procure backlinks, like blog articles, social media posts, etc. Your website’s backlink profile will determine how well your website’s domain authority will be established in your particular niche. 

    Ask the company about:

    • Relevant Projects – What projects, similar to yours, have they handled in the past?
    • Action – What plan-of-action do they suggest for your business?
    • Result Measurement – How do they monitor the project’s progress and what monthly reports can their clients expect?

    At Dtekdigital, we analyse your website, audience and industry and design custom-made strategies to achieve your specific targets. We use ethical, white-hat SEO strategies and tools and deliver monthly KPI reports for transparency.

Is it worth doing SEO for My Business?

  • The Internet is like a vast ocean with unfathomable depths of potential for your business. Why? Because the whole world is surfing it! In today’s time, the digital marketplace is a global reservoir of quality customers which can be an asset for your business. To harness this asset, your business needs to have a strong digital presence—that’s where SEO comes in.

    Would you like to:

    • Expand your client base?
    • Increase revenue?
    • Establish your brand authority in the market?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then YES, it is definitely worth doing SEO for your business.

How can SEO help to grow your business?

  • Search Engine Optimisation refers to applying strategies and tools to optimise your website for:

    • Ranking higher on relevant SERPs
    • Driving traffic for quality conversions
    • Establishing domain authority in your industry
    • Building a loyal client base

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