Get Ahead of Your Competitors and Double Your Revenue with Tailor Made SEO Strategies

Our SEO experts will help you gain top-notch rankings for tangible traffic and quality conversions, maximizing profits in return…

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    What is SEO

    Tailor-Made for Your Business

    A standard Search Engine Optimisation approach is as good as a one-size-fits-all strategy; it will leave you barking up the wrong tree. Dtekdigital has bespoke SEO services for your unique business needs and unique target audience. 

    Here’s a list of SEO services accomplishing a range of targets for your website.

    The Dtekdigital team owns and operates companies outside of the agency industry so we know exactly how to build a profitable online business quickly. Stuff the guesswork, and work with an SEO agency that actually has real-world business growth experience.

    In today’s digital economy, you MUST build an attention-grabbing online presence that sets you apart from your competition... Dtekdigital is all about delivering the visibility you deserve! We’re the game-changing SEO agency in Sydney that specializes in driving an obscene amount of traffic to your website.

    Why Choose

    Our Ecommerce SEO Services?

    Every e-commerce business has a unique journey to success and so unique are its pitfalls and challenges. Dtekdigital understands what reduces the visibility of your website, thus standardizes these pitfalls and brings out the brilliant SEO strategies within your budget that grow organic ranking, traffic, and conversions.

    SEO is one such part of digital marketing that needs arduous patience and skilled professionals. Everybody in this industry is competing hard to be on Google’s First Page and for that, you have to be shrewder, faster, and work harder than everybody else.

    •  Page Loading Speed
    •  Metadata (title & description)
    • Website Security
    •  Usability & Crawlability
    • Page Errors
    • Website Content
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    Local SEO your Brand

    Visibility to Local Customers with Geotargeted Audience

    We always forge growth-oriented and tailored Local SEO strategies that work best for your local business within your budget. Partner with Dtekdigital to get the best Local SEO done that puts you ahead in the competition. Our professionals can help your brand domineer in the local searches.

    Regardless of your business’s size and location, big or small, single location or multi-location, Dtekdigital helps make your brand visible to Local clients and attract more potential customers with our Local SEO Strategies.

    We work effortlessly on your website and GMB (Google My Business) profile to boost your ranking and accelerate your online sales.

    Need an International SEO

    To Strengthen your Global SEO Campaign?

    More than 3 Million Google Searches are done every minute. Do you still doubt the power of International SEO?

    If your business has an international presence, there is no doubt that you need International SEO for your business expansion to gain leverage over others. No matter whether you’re starting your business from goose egg or just focusing on expanding your online presence, an international business needs to be ranked at the top-ranking in Search Engine.

    At Dtekdigital, we strategically optimize every aspect of your business’s needs and objectives to finally channel them towards the same goal of expanding your business globally. 


    Get a Lead Generation SEO

    to Escalate Your Business’s Revenue

    Generating leads from free traffic sounds good, right? Yes, it does, and it’s pretty much achievable when done with the right strategy and the right mindset.

    Ever thought why some brands grow progressively, while others fail to even have a good startup? The difference lies in the accomplishment of lead generation SEO strategies.

    We at Dtekdigital have the right, tailored, and proven SEO strategies to generate leads that convert. Our experts are component enough to innovate the strategies that not only give you leads but also explore and understand your clients with more scrutiny. 

    The content should be informative and worth reading that can entice the users’ attention. When people find it valuable, they love to read and want to stay connected with your brand. Our approach to Lead Generation using SEO is full of creativity and value.

    Need Help with your Enterprise SEO?

    We provide end-to-end enterprise SEO implementation with complete technical SEO, credible content strategies, well-managed social teams, backlink management, and more.

    Our professional team helps you collaborate with functional divisions of your company to implement off-page and on-page technical SEO changes effectively.

    In addition, Dtek Digital ensures you fully align the business KPIs and search KPIs to effectively fulfill SEO performance for a benchmark in your business niche.


    Our Approach

    Once you’ve claimed your free audit one of our Growth Dtekdigital with a team full of data-driven digital specialists behind them will create your multi-channel audit. We’ll take you through the whole process and don’t worry you’ll be supported every step of the way!

    Let’s have a discovery call

    We want to find out more about your business and your current strategy, growth goals, timelines and budget! Plus we’ll chat about the areas you’d like the audit to focus on.

    Talk strategy together

    We’ve completed your audit, how exciting! Let’s have a strategy session to talk through our findings together to see what it all means for you and your business.

    Next-level everything!

    Our Dtekdigital are excited to help bring your digital marketing to the next level. With amazing results, regular reporting, and quality client service you can have peace of mind with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is a reason why more and more people are choosing to take their business online—the prospect for growth is massive! But so is the competition.

    To bring your business in the public eye you need an appropriate marketing strategy. That’s where our SEO specialists come in.

    Search Engine Optimisation is exactly like it sounds—optimising your website for massive growth. SEO will help you gain maximum visibility in Google and other search engines.

    The layers of SEO strategies are many with multiple parameters involved. Dtekdigital has got you covered with 12+ years of experience in meticulous implementation covering the gamut of all known SEO parameters.

    SEO is all about working out strategies for success. Ours is trust, transparency, and crystal-clear communication while working in your time zone. Not only do we optimize your website but also provide monthly reports with KPIs so you stay informed about your expenditure’s returns.

    1. Review – Whether you are a startup or a well-established business looking for that silver bullet to climb to the top of the ranks, our dedicated veterans will review your needs, wants, and goals to make them their own. This will help us understand your target users and their pain points.
    2. Analyze and Ideate – Our web development team will audit your site and server for:
      • Usability, resourcefulness, and speed
      • Technical on-site and off-site SEO
      • Content, media assets, and Information architecture
      • Previous and present data analysis (traffic, leads, conversions, campaigns..)

        We will then brainstorm solutions to find the best fit for your requirements.

    3. Implement – Optimising comes next. Our digital marketing experts will work on a custom-made marketing campaign for your website. We will optimize your website for SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and create content that is loved by the audience. We do this by:
      • Building and restructuring (redirecting and disavowing links, schema implementation, CTA improvement)
      • Content development (optimizing and standardizing meta descriptions, title tags, images)
      • Ongoing monitoring and reporting competitors
      • Researching, mapping, and tracking—keywords, lead journey, conversions, visit history, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
    4. Evaluate – Our dedicated marketers will test, evaluate, and improve strategies based on factual data, evidence and real results to keep you on top of your game.

    • Usability and Accessibility (web crawlers)
    • Page Response Time
    • Link Structure
    • Content and Media Assets
    • UX and UI Design
    • Site Security
    • Metadata (HTML elements—title tags & description)
    • Website Errors
    • Performance analysis (traffic, lead generation & conversion rate)

    SEO is an investment and the return takes time to fully mature. You can start seeing results initially, which will keep on growing with time. In 6-12 months, you will be able to see an evident surge in your website’s traffic, increased conversion rate, profitable ROI and consistent top-rankings on Google.

    Each company is unique and will have a unique growth timeline, but we guarantee Google rankings within 70 days or we work for free.

    Services, Tools and Strategies: First of all, you have to check what services the SEO company is offering and if they match your SEO goals. For example, one of the services that Dtekdigital offers is International SEO, which will help you reach a global audience and gain recognition for your brand worldwide.

    See all our SEO service offerings here.

    Reviewing the strategies and tools that the company uses is crucial. If SEO is done irresponsibly and using unethical (black-hat SEO) practices, it can damage your business’s reputation and cause your website to suffer.

    Social Proof: Testimonials from satisfied clients and their experience with the company can tell a lot about the company’s work ethic, procedures and success rate—especially case studies similar to your business domain.

    Evaluate the Company’s Website: Consider the website of the SEO company as their portfolio. It is a clear reflection of their skills and abilities. A great website will indicate quality work for the client. If the company is promising quality work and design, it should reflect on their own site as well.

    Bonus! Companies that guarantee results are committed to their jobs. They promise trial services, sample result measurement reports, and free site audits so you can make an informed decision without any commitments.

    It’s important to ask the right questions to choose the right SEO company for your business.

    The main goals of SEO are to rank higher, drive traffic and build domain authority for your website. So, you need to ask about the strategies, actions, and tools that the SEO company plans on deploying to achieve these goals and the time required for optimising your website. These include both on-page and off-page actions detailed below:

    • Technical On-site SEO –  Site content including LSI keyword coverage strategy, site-response speed, mobile friendliness, URL structure, metadata, SEO roadblocks, etc. The quality of work delivered by the SEO company will determine your site crawlability and indexing by Google, and relevant keyword rankings. The end result should be measurable organic traffic that converts.
    • Building Your Link Profile – The kind of backlinks, and authority of links sourced by the company can either skyrocket your traffic and rankings or destroy your website’s reputation. A strong link profile requires a good content strategy to procure backlinks, like blog articles, social media posts, etc. Your website’s backlink profile will determine how well your website’s domain authority will be established in your particular niche. 

    Ask the company about:

    • Relevant Projects – What projects, similar to yours, have they handled in the past?
    • Action – What plan-of-action do they suggest for your business?
    • Result Measurement – How do they monitor the project’s progress and what monthly reports can their clients expect?

    At Dtekdigital, we analyse your website, audience and industry and design custom-made strategies to achieve your specific targets. We use ethical, white-hat SEO strategies and tools and deliver monthly KPI reports for transparency.

    The Internet is like a vast ocean with unfathomable depths of potential for your business. Why? Because the whole world is surfing it! In today’s time, the digital marketplace is a global reservoir of quality customers which can be an asset for your business. To harness this asset, your business needs to have a strong digital presence—that’s where SEO comes in.

    Would you like to:

    • Expand your client base?
    • Increase revenue?
    • Establish your brand authority in the market?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then YES, it is definitely worth doing SEO for your business.

    Search Engine Optimisation refers to applying strategies and tools to optimise your website for:

    • Ranking higher on relevant SERPs
    • Driving traffic for quality conversions
    • Establishing domain authority in your industry
    • Building a loyal client base

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