Boost Your Revenue & Leads with Google Ads

Generate high-level brand exposure, boost leads and improve conversions with our targeted PPC management services.

It’s an effectively fast way to position your brand on top search results and thus, enhance search engine visibility.

  • 85% of internet users search for local businesses on the web
  • PPC ads can return $2 for every dollar you invest
  • We run your ads at the right time and to the right audience!

Talk to a Google Ads Expert

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    How Pay Per Click

    Strategy Works?

    Dtek Digital lays out a clear and effective PPC strategy for your business. Our professionals are specialized in functional PPC management actions with a friendly approach.

    In addition, PPC management helps you drive more profitable business through our targeted paid campaigns.

    It will include relevant and rational keyword research for your company's products and services, affordable solutions for advertising management, result-driving ad copy creation, full-service optimization, and conversion tracking setup. 

    • Instant Visibility: PPC puts your brand at the top of search results, instantly.
    • Cost Control: You set the budget, ensuring you pay only for results.
    • Targeted Reach: Reach your ideal customers based on keywords and demographics.
    • Trackable ROI: Measure and optimize every dollar you spend for maximum return.

    Dtekdigital’s Approach To Google Shopping Ads

    We combine detailed customer insight with a data-driven approach to Google Shopping campaigns.

    Our granular framework pairs suitably with valid business data, including product margin and stock levels, to fit in our result-oriented Google shopping campaigns.

    Dtek Digital provides you with a comprehensive process to upscale the relevance of your ad and boost sales.

    • Give your product the maximum exposure through targeted advertising
    • Increased conversion rates and turn over
    • Holistic Google campaign with increased ROI
    • More profits from fewer costs

    Why you should try
    Google Ads?

    Google Ads can prove to be a massive success as you get massive traffic, heavy profitable sales, and more leads.

    However, it demands an expert’s knowledge of Google tools and analytics to formulate a high-performance Adwords campaign that gives you profit-making sales.

    What you need to run a successful campaign and stay ahead of your competitors is consistently done optimization, ongoing management of your Google Account, and tailored campaigns for your business.

    • Add our experienced and result-driving AdWords agency to your team
    • We provide the best strategies for paid search marketing for your online business
    • Get unique and functional remarketing retargeting strategies for your brand with us.

    Display Ads Your Key to Online Success.

    Dtekdigital is a prime Advertising Agency with the commitment of offering “Quality Services” to its clients and all that in a very cost-effective way.

    Using a few clicks, you can display the Adverts on the various networks. Still, we primarily and solely focus on Google, which has the largest display network, because alone, Google has more than two million sites on its display network.

    With such a massive audience, and with our experts’ experience, we surely reach out to the targeted eyeballs and convert them into leads.

    The conversions can swell exponentially if display ads are done in the right way by experts.


    Why Remarketing Campaigns?

    Let’s say if you want to target only those potential buyers who have left the purchase halfway.

    Remarketing is one of the cost-effective strategies when and if done correctly, it generates higher ROI. It is a powerful marketing strategy to connect with those casual visitors who have already showcased their interest in your brand name or product.

    Our PPC veterans team re-targets your paying customers using the right metric that generates a positive ROI & be in the user’s minds consistently.

    • Get functional remarketing strategies to target 98% of your visited online shoppers.
    • Remarketing your products and services with us can help you reach 90% of users.
    • Convert 70% more with retargeted display ads to increase your business sales by 107%!

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