SEO Reseller Service: Maximising Client SEO Results

SEO reseller service that gets the job done quickly and well. Work with a white label SEO company that will make things easy for you and your clients.

  • Open and honest communication
  • White label reports
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • No hidden fees

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    Partner with Australia’s Trusted White Label SEO Provider

    With years of experience standing out in our field, we offer the best SEO reseller programme in the business. Many marketing firms in Australia do not do their own SEO work and come to us for help. That’s because they know that our white label SEO reseller services are honest and get results. The guarantee and confidence that we offer are hard to find from other SEO reseller companies.

    Join Australia’s best SEO reseller right now to give your clients effective and result-oriented search engine optimisation. You don’t need to hire your own staff for this job.

    seo reseller service

    Our SEO Reseller Service

    We provide many SEO reseller services, ranging from full-service support to top-level management. Our knowledge and experience will make sure your clients’ campaign is a success, no matter what they need.  

    • SEO Audits: Regular SEO audits from our experts will help your clients make the right choices for their campaigns based on data.
    • Enterprise SEO: For businesses with big, complicated websites, we offer SEO solutions and strategies that can be scaled up or down.
    • Local SEO: Our white label SEO services help your agency boost local SEO for your clients, making sure they stand out in their local areas. 
    • eCommerce SEO: We can make your clients’ eCommerce site sales machines to bring in more money. 
    • International SEO: We can create a global presence for your clients by focusing their campaigns on markets around the world.

    Our White Label SEO Service Process

    We use tried-and-true SEO methods to get your clients a lot of relevant traffic.

    Initial Audit

    All SEO campaigns begin with a thorough analysis of the clients’ websites. We look at where they are now, check the content that they already have, find gaps, and build a sustainable site architecture.

    Keyword Research

    We will use keyword research tools and website data to determine which keywords are most important for your clients’ businesses. We look at the traffic to find which keyword we will use, not the ROI.

    Competitor Analysis

    At this stage, we will go through the activities of the websites that have the same intent as your clients’. We will figure out who is at the top and the best way to get there.

    Content Creation

    Once we know who the competitors are and what keywords your clients want to use, we get to work on creating engaging content. New content and pages are added to improve visibility in search engine results.

    On Page Optimisation

    20% of search engine optimisation success is due to on page optimisation. Hence, structure, metadata, photos, load time, and internal links will all undergo revisions by us.

    Link Building

    We will analyse your clients’ present link profile, remove any low-quality or malicious links, and then employ a white-hat link-building approach. These will increase the website’s authority and search engine rankings.

    Ongoing Content Strategy

    Making content is the key to doing well with SEO. Your clients’ organic content marketing campaign will be built around a content calendar that we will make and put together.

    Reporting and Tracking

    At the end of each month, we will send a report. It will carry keyword rankings, organic visibility, and website analytics. Based on these reports, we will make changes to your clients’ sites to make them work better.

    Benefits of Hiring Our SEO Reseller Agency


    Mastering search engine optimisation requires a lot of knowledge. There is no need to learn SEO the hard way if you choose us as your SEO reseller in Australia. Our expertise will take your clients to their peak in no time.


    We have the resources to help your clients grow their businesses. Hence, you do not have to worry about taking on too much liability.

    White Label

    We will do our search engine optimisation work under your agency’s official branding.


    You will not have to pay extra for extra employees or software with our SEO reseller packages. Hence, they are very cost-effective. You pay us, then charge your client what you think is fair.


    As an SEO outsourcing company, we only do SEO. We guarantee to provide the best SEO reseller services because we are 100% focused on your clients’ goals.


    A full SEO performance report is part of our private label SEO reseller service. This report shows which marketing efforts are working and suggests possible business opportunities. 

    Client Satisfaction

    Our SEO reseller plans ensure client satisfaction every time and deliver consistent, high-quality search engine optimisation results.

    Industry Insights

    When you partner with our reseller SEO company, you gain access to premium tools and platforms that will provide you and your clients with much-needed data and insights.


    We are committed to helping your agency grow and thrive. You will see significant progress from SEO reseller packages.

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    More Reasons to Partner with Us

    seo reseller australia

    White Labeled Client Reporting

    We offer white label reporting with your branding, so you can present all of your work and deliverables to your clients under your brand name. 

    seo reselling company

    Slack Communication

    No longer are there ticketing systems or 24-hour wait times for a response. Our team of experts is here for you during business hours to answer any questions or meet any needs.

    white label seo australia

    In-house Feel without the Headaches

    You get the feel of having someone work for you without having to hire, fire, manage projects, take vacations, or repeatedly train them. This is because we integrate very deeply.

    white label seo services

    No contracts

    We get your business by giving you value and results. We do not tie you down with long-term contracts that you can not get out of. That’s because we know that you need to be able to change your mind, and clients sometimes cancel without warning.

    white label seo provider

    No Hidden Fees

    We at Dtekdigital will never charge you extra for something you did not ask for. You can see exactly what our packages and services include, and there are no other fees. We would rather work with you than against you!

    white label seo service

    No Setup Fees

    While a lot of white label providers charge setup fees, we don’t. That is because it is hard to pass that cost on to the client when there is a big one-time setup fee. Starting with the setup in the first month, we do our best to give you the best results going forward.

    SEO Reseller Programme

    White labelling a service, such as SEO, means removing the agency’s brand and logo from the final workpiece. Another agency is delivering the work to the client.

    White label SEO involves a partnership where one company hires an SEO agency to provide services under its brand name. This arrangement allows businesses to keep clients by offering comprehensive services with the help of external experts.

    The outsourcing agency gains client retention, digital service expansion, and professional expertise without incurring in-house costs from white label SEO. Conversely, customers get expert SEO solutions from a single source and possibly bundled pricing, which is a win-win.

    SEO reseller services and white label SEO Services are virtually identical. Both services hire an SEO agency to handle search engine optimisation on behalf of another marketing or agency professional’s client.

    A company that performs SEO services for others by using a professional SEO service provider or agency is called an SEO reseller. SEO resellers usually have a list of clients who need SEO services but do not want to leave what they are doing to provide those services. To meet their clients’ search engine optimisation needs, SEO resellers will hire a professional or agency from the outside to help them.

    When you resell SEO, how it works will depend on how well you know your client. This is when white label services are most often offered:

    1. You are closing down your SEO business and need someone to keep doing this work for you.
    2. You need to find an outside partner to help you meet the needs of a client who is asking for SEO services.
    3. You already offer other services to the client, and you have seen that their business plan calls for SEO.

    Of course. White labelling SEO agreements can help you attract more customers, keep the ones you already have, and increase your revenue. You can accomplish it this way without investing in new software or personnel for digital marketing. 

    Additionally, there is a severe shortage of qualified candidates for the position of senior-level SEO expert. Bringing on a new full-time worker is not a wise financial move. A white label SEO agency has the personnel, tools, and infrastructure to manage your clients’ SEO instead.

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