Does your E-commerce Website Lack Sufficient ­­­­­­Customers?

Our E-commerce SEO experts can help your website rank on top search results with ethical methods focused to not only get organic traffic but improve sales.

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    What is SEO for Ecommerce?

    Why it's important for your business.

    E-commerce SEO offers a suite of services designed to amplify your online store. E-commerce SEO is implementing a holistic eCommerce SEO strategy to gain online authority - with a razor-sharp focus on your product offerings.

    The backbone of any thriving Ecommerce business is an SEO Agency. If you aren’t investing in proper keyword research, content writing, and building backlinks, your Ecommerce business will be invisible.

    In fact, did you know that…

    • On average, a well-executed SEO strategy will increase Ecommerce revenue by 64%
    • Almost 40% of all Ecommerce traffic comes from organic search
    • 25% of all Ecommerce orders are directly tied to organic traffic
    • Long-tail keywords have a 5% higher conversion rate than short-trail keywords

    We work with over 500 ecommerce companies. We know what works and what doesn't. Why risk your marketing with someone else?

    In the wake of COVID-19, e-Commerce has exploded! These soaring sales numbers are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And to take advantage of them, you need to seriously up your eCommerce game.

    At Dtekdigital, we offer a deep understanding of the eCommerce industry. We’re passionate about providing eCommerce SEO solutions and outstanding advertising that grabs the attention of your target audience unlike anything else.

    Think of us as an extension of your marketing department. We take the time to learn the benefits of your business, and what makes your product unique, then introduce your brand to a truly global customer base. Our goal is to achieve the online attention you deserve. And that means funneling traffic and customers to your online store - then watching those sales figures skyrocket!!


    How We Do SEO
    Of An Ecommerce Website?

    Audit & Analysis

    Before settling down for the best SEO campaigns for your company, we audit and analysis deeply your industry, brand, target customers, rivals, products, and business goals.

    Strategic SEO Planning

    Once our Experts audit and analysis your brand and company, we move further by developing a strategic SEO plan that fits into your company’s needs, and budget.

    Reporting & Analytics

    The best way to connect with your customers is to observe their behavior, how they act when nobody is watching them. Ecommerce Analytics can tell you a mot many things about your customers.

    Unique Content Creation

    If the content is written casually and lazily it can badly hurt the SEO. Our content veterans write unrivalled and subtly designed content for your website which Google would love to crawl.

    Link Strategy

    No E-commerce website can exist without the right partner and an effective link building strategy. Our network of publishing can assist you in building stronger links.

    Ongoing Optimization

    Though Google ranking and bringing huge traffic is crucial, but there’s no point in getting huge traffic if the visitors aren’t converting into leads. We keep doing ongoing optimization for enhancing and widening your digital marketing campaigns to get improved ROI and profitable sales.

    Why Choose
    Our Ecommerce SEO Services?

    SEO is one such part of the digital marketing that needs arduous patience and skilled professional. Everybody in this industry is competing hard to be on Google’s First Page and for that, you have to be shrewder, faster, and work harder than everybody else.

    • Page Loading Speed
    • Website Security
    • Page Errors
    • Metadata (title & description)
    • Usability & Crawlability
    • Website Content 

    SEO Services

    We promptly analyze your business’s specific goals and marketing requirements to increase your ROI.

    SEO Campaigns

    We functionally optimize and analyze media campaigns for your online business to fulfill your company’s growth and sales objectives.


    We help you with custom-built strategies for your business to rank higher in Google search results.

    Website Content

    We specialize in eCommerce Website content and design to grow leads and increases sales online.

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