23 Google ads mistake you want avoid

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Frustrated with wasted ad spend and minimal conversions? You’re not alone. Many businesses make critical mistakes that they are unaware of. These mistakes hinder the success of their Google Ads Campaign.

23 Google ads mistake you want avoid
What can you expect from fixing these mistakes?
Google ads is all about optimizing. Correcting these common issues can bring positive results, here are some of them
More Conversations
Less wasted spend
Proper Google Ads Structure
And Much More

Advertising is the only way we can let other people know about our products and services. Google Ads is the most effective way to do that. I have been running Google ads for the last five years. 

Handling more than 30+ accounts regularly. I aim to distil my knowledge into actionable insights. This is not just advice. It’s a carefully crafted blueprint. It will help you avoid common pitfalls and make your Google Ads campaigns better.

My goal is that by rectifying these mistakes, saving 15 to 20% of the budget will be considered a win for me. (Getting more conversation is BONUS)

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This Guide gives steps you can act on. It also highlights the most common pitfalls in Google ads. All these mistakes I have made in my 5 years of the journey in digital marketing. I have wasted so much money, time, and frustration to find out and solve them. As I don’t want you to go through that journey, download this guide and see which mistakes are costing you the most.

23 Google ads mistake you want avoid