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Get your e-commerce business online with 1000+ customisable designs & apps for marketing and shipping, find paying customers and drive maximum sales and boosted ROI

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    Grow Your Sales up to 10X

    With Our Shopify Experts & Web Designing Services

    Dtekdigital experts render their service in making your website on Shopify for your e-commerce store. We are competent to study every detail while making the website to boost the Return On Investment (ROI).

    With our experts that have 12+ work experience, we are distinguished Shopify experts and provide highly customized e-commerce websites. Regardless of your business size, big or small, we keep up the pace with the latest coding practices to deliver staunch, SEO friendly and mobile-centric Shopify websites.

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    We are a dedicated Shopify designing agency specializing in Shopify and Shopify Plus.

    Get bets Skills to Deliver with Competitive Pricing with us.

    We cover extra miles to withstand and survive the smashing digital competition.

    Shopify Review 2020

    Why is Shopify

    Gaining Popularity?

    E-commerce has recently gained much popularity across the world. And Shopify empowers over a plethora of entrepreneurs worldwide. Thus-

    • Shopify has become a global necessity for the e-Commerce business.
    • Shopify has over 46.5 million calls and received over 200 million orders last year.
    • Shopify alone contributes more than 180 billion dollars in the global economic industry.
    • Shopify is full cloud-based hosting, drop shipping service and offers more than 100+ themes to choose from.
    • It has 24/7 customer support and improved customer-facing software.
    • Shopify further fortifies API Documentation that has secured 100+ payment actions.

    No doubt, Shopify has become an international platform for brands to have an online presence. For E-commerce entrepreneurs, it is time that you need not have a second thought to start using Shopify.

    Shopify SEO Services

    Place Your Brand in front of targeted prospects

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    Keyword Research

    It is very crucial to use the best and relevant keywords for the website. For a small business, keyword research becomes more critical because they want to target a smaller segment of the population. Our Shopify experts identify your targetted prospects, discover higher result-driven keywords, organize and create an SEO-optimized content. We assure you that your business gets qualified leads and organic traffic.

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    Shopify SEO Audit

    Dtekdigital team scrutinises your eCommerce website to see its performance, execution and reliability. Our Shopify SEO professionals ensure your online presence is marked in front of more eyeballs. We also assess the quality and quantity of your backlinks, existing online prospects and content of the product illustrations, among other website aspects.

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    Link Building

    Dtekdigital content experts are capable of creating quality content that can entice links. We also encourage other entrepreneurs and individuals to link to your products, blogs and website. We also ensure that the links are authentic and high quality. To generate link building we also encourage you for blog commenting, writing guest blogs, answering to customers’ query fast and promoting your brand on many social platforms.

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    Content Writing

    Our experts content writers and copywriters create the content that entices targetted audiences to make conversions. We compose and advertise the worth reading content of your products, blog posts and execute A/B split tests to decide and govern the best format.

    What to Expect from Dtekdigital?

    We work wholeheartedly to build your brand’s presence and name online. We always offer data-driven SEO results and solutions to businesses of all sizes and industry.

    Dtekdigital experts optimize all aspects of your website to beget a higher return on investment (ROI). We always work ethically to capture organic traffic and sales. Build a deeper relationship with your customers to get the best results from Dtekdigital Shopify experts.

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