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Pinterest isn’t all about just showcasing those eye-catching pins. Pinterest allows you to demonstrate your creative content to over 180 million monthly users to contribute to your ROI. Dtekdigital experts would love to render their service to make your brand more inspirational and accessible to your target customers.

The number of users on Pinterest is enough to convince you to start advertising on it. Recently, Pinterest has gained marketability for Fashion, beauty, wedding retail, and many technology brands. Pinterest allows you to post, save, and select pins for future reference.

Dtekdigital has experts with 12 years of experience, renders you to create a clear and precise advertising strategy for your business goals. All the packages are customizable as per your allowance.

We have the quality in our work and experience to add value to your business.

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Why is Pinterest the Right Choice?

1. Purchase Intent

Dtekdigital helps you to estimate the success of the advertising campaign by accessing the results of our hard work. We help increase your sales by targeting your specific audiences based on geographical location, gender, interests, and search history.

3. Demand Generation

Pinterest has been a great inspiration for customers and viewers who get inspired to see artistic work. Pinterest has gained popularity for being the most inspirational social platform for saving the most eye-catching pins in your account. We help our clients create those eye-catching images and content to generate enough demand for your product and services.

2. Increased Brand Engagement

Remember, creativity is more powerful than keywords. But when both combine, they can soar up the sales and ROI. Dtekdigital designers can offer a wider range of designs to increase your brand’s engagement by creating dazzling images and cake-dropping content for your brand.

4. Relevant Keywords

Once we know your campaign’s facts and figures and the kind of audience you want to target, we select the most powerful keywords for your campaign that helps to get your brand’s online presence more prominent.

How Dtekdigital uses Pinterest to Drive Your Revenue?

1. Campaign Tracking:

Dtekdigital’s social media advertising team believes in data and results. Numbers matter to us too, and we make sure your ROI drives through the roof. We optimize the campaign both for desktop and mobile devices to not lose out on any of your potential customers.

2. Setting the right campaign:

When it comes to setting up your right campaign, Dtekdigital has customizable campaigns that fit your allowance and goals. Dtekdigital is highly familiar with Pinterest’s ins and outs and knows what works on the platform and what doesn’t.

How can DtekDigital help you with Pinterest Ads?

Many new retailers and advertisers have experienced marketing on Pinterest have increased their sales by up to 50 percent. Dtekdigital team has been practicing the tactics mentioned above to improve our Pinterest advertising performance.

Our clients enjoy 100 percent optimization of the campaign, and they rest while we work for them all the time.

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