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    Effective advertising on Pinterest means reaching already engaged shoppers looking to spend money

    You’d think a platform that boasts about 450 million monthly active users and double the return on ad spend than any of its social media competitors would be crawling with advertisers already, right?

    There are so many businesses that completely disregard advertising on Pinterest because it’s seen as something bored people with nothing else to do might use over a weekend, for a bit of fun social networking. And this couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Pinterest users are highly engaged. They’re 7 times more likely to say it’s the most influential platform for purchasing decisions and are 66% more likely to give new brands a go and then stick with them. They’re on Pinterest to discover new products and brands, and are there to shop.

    And what about the audience? It has the highest density of adult internet users of any social network, making over $75k a year (35% and a heavy skew towards women (71%) who actually account for a massive 92% of all pins.

    The most effective Pinterest ad formats include campaigns focusing on:

    • Brand awareness
    • Traffic
    • Conversions
    • Video views
    • Shopping catalogues

    Working with an expert Pinterest advertising agency makes all the difference

    When you’re looking to implement Pinterest ads to help your business grow, simply creating them and setting them to go live may get you a handful of sales or leads - but that’s really about it.

    Creating an effective Pinterest marketing strategy involves a substantial amount of planning, budgeting, ongoing data analysis and continuous tweaking to the campaign, to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck and seeing minimal wastage.

    As such, in order to ensure your campaign sees the best possible results and the highest return on investment, it’s absolutely essential that you speak with a reputable and trusted Pinterest ad company. At Dtekdigital Digital, our specialist Pinterest ad team has worked with hundreds of businesses just like yours to ensure nothing but outstanding results, time and again.

    Ready to stop, collaborate and listen? (Only 80s kids will get that!) Find out what First Page can do for your brand, not just with Pinterest ads but also across the entire social media marketing space. Click the button below to arrange a free phone consultation with a digital strategist.


    Enhance Your

    Marketing Strategy With Pinterest Advertising

    Pinterest isn’t all about just showcasing those eye-catching pins. Pinterest allows you to demonstrate your creative content to over 180 million monthly users to contribute to your ROI. Dtekdigital experts would love to render their service to make your brand more inspirational and accessible to your target customers.

    The number of users on Pinterest is enough to convince you to start advertising on it. Recently, Pinterest has gained marketability for Fashion, beauty, wedding retail, and many technology brands. Pinterest allows you to post, save, and select pins for future reference.

    Dtekdigital has experts with 12 years of experience, renders you to create a clear and precise advertising strategy for your business goals. All the packages are customizable as per your allowance.

    How can DtekDigital help you?

    Many new retailers and advertisers have experienced marketing on Pinterest have increased their sales by up to 50 percent. Dtekdigital team has been practicing the tactics mentioned above to improve our Pinterest advertising performance.

    Make your brand story go viral among 459 million users active on Pinterest

    Weekly conversions grew by 300% in 2020 with Pinterest campaigns. Get the best marketing campaigns to grow your business

    Drive sales and increase ROI by featuring products visually with Pinterest advertising


    Purchase Intent

    Dtekdigital helps you to estimate the success of the advertising campaign by accessing the results of our hard work. We help increase your sales by targeting your specific audiences based on geographical location, gender, interests, and search history.

    Relevant Keywords

    Once we know your campaign’s facts and figures and the kind of audience you want to target, we select the most powerful keywords for your campaign that helps to get your brand’s online presence more prominent.

    Increased Brand Engagement

    Remember, creativity is more powerful than keywords. But when both combine, they can soar up the sales and ROI. Dtekdigital designers can offer a wider range of designs to increase your brand’s engagement by creating dazzling images and cake-dropping content for your brand.

    Demand Generation

    Pinterest has been a great inspiration for customers and viewers who get inspired to see artistic work. Pinterest has gained popularity for being the most inspirational social platform for saving the most eye-catching pins in your account. We help our clients create those eye-catching images and content to generate enough demand for your product and services.

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