What’s Holding You to Look for the APT Influencer for the Brand?

Entice your buyer’s persona by seizing the right influencer to get the right audience that fits your brand’s goals. We at dtekdigital help you to cover it all.

Facts can only tell; it is the stories that sell- Influencer marketing sells!

Partner with us to execute remarkable influencer marketing campaigns

We help to position your products better by attracting relevant prospects

How Influencer

Marketing can Help your Business?

Get hand-picked profiles of social media personalities who are ready to help you increase your brand reach and awareness. We take care of steps in creating and launching campaigns which include managing communication and negotiations, understand the impact, analyze sentiment, set up terms and conditions, get in touch with photographer/videographers, content management and making posts live as per the schedule and reporting. Influencer marketing has always been a great way to reach out to relevant people and increase your brand awareness. Influencers have an audience who trusts them, which makes it easier to convert those people into customers. Brands can leverage their trust to drive more people towards their business which not only drives more revenue but also benefits the brand image of the organization.

We make things easier for you by connecting your business with relevant influencers. From reaching out to influencers to making them work for you and monitoring the results, our team of marketing experts got you covered.

How Dtekdigital Finds

The Right Influencer for Your Business?

We help your brands engage digitally with relevant audiences globally through top influencers. Dtek Digital is the pioneer of the influencer marketing movement. We assist you in expanding your business and rolling up your growth with remarkably creative influencer marketing strategies to amplify your brand story and upscale your presence to reach millions of customers.
Activate and harness the power of authentic connections with our practical and incredibly strategized influencer marketing campaigns. We create an authentic and credible relationship between the influencer and a brand using our longstanding expertise and experience.

We find the right influencers to match your goals as a full-service influencer agency. So be a part of our best influencer matchmaking process to get guaranteed real influence!

Understand Your Business

We start with in-depth research and discovery to understand your business, targeted audience and competitors.

Impact The Audience

The third step is about delivery to positively impact the audience. This step includes content approvals, file transfers.

Create a Strategy

The second step is to create a strategy with a team of professionals and selection of influencers that fit best with the social following which you.

Reporting & Analysis

The fourth step is reporting and analysis, which include different KPI’s (key performance indicators) like reach, clicks, engagements and conversions.

Why Choose

Dtekdigital for Influencer Marketing?

Consumers get multiple sales messages every single day, and they become self-trained to ignore them.

Marketing Agency
As an influencer marketing agency, our first step is to win attention by providing value with the right influencers to a targeted audience on the right platform.
Marketing Advertiser
As an advertiser, we know what we are doing and provide you with an insight on every single penny we spend.
Digital Professionals
We work with selective influencers, the one whom we chose, and our team with certified digital professionals know about brand safety while creating content with content creators.
Dtekdigital Help
Influencer marketing is great to generate the right buzz and we at Dtekdigital help you do just that.
Management Fees
Our management fees do not have any hidden charges.
Experienced Marketers
Our team of experienced marketers know how influencers really influence their followers to buy from them. This gives us the ability to implement the best influencer marketing practices that your business needs.

How can

Dtekdigital Help You?

Dtekdigital is quite passionate about its work and seeing its clients’ success.
With a team of experts who have 12 years of experience, we continuously strive to offer the best solutions to your business challenges. We encourage working with our clients ethically to promote their business.

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We help you create a meaningful digital presence with relevant prospects, strategic campaigns, and transparent marketing solutions. Dtek Digital assists you in building your brand digitally with a tailored, data-driven approach to bring strategies to life.

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