Struggling to Get the Best Click-through Rates & More Traffic

With Dtekdigital, create robust ads that can trigger your buyer’s intent and offer that encourages them to go for impulsive shopping, get incremental growth of your brand.

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    Grab market-share from your competitors and get your products in front of buyers

    When people are Googling information for a specific product, they are often ready to buy - they basically have their credit card in their hand!

    And that’s the precise power of Google Shopping Ads.

    No matter your industry, the ability to get a clickable image of your products on the top of Google Search Ads is an opportunity you can no longer ignore.

    Google Shopping Ads are the cornerstone of Ecommerce marketing. In fact, did you know that…

    • Google Shopping Ads win 86% of all clicks (versus text ads)
    • Google is where 36% of all product searches initiate
    • Before making an in-store purchase, over 70% of smartphone users looked up information online
    • Google shopping spend grew by 41% from the prior year

    The numbers don’t lie. If your online store isn’t investing in Google Shopping Ads, then you are leaving an enormous amount of money on the table.

    But how do you set up your Google Shopping Ads in a way that is designed for conversions and delivers you an insane ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)?

    Meet Dtekdigital – your partners in business and growth.

    Explode your online sales and dominate your market with Google Shopping Ads

    Over the past 10 years, we have helped our Ecommerce clients grow insanely fast with Google Shopping Ads.

    And we want to do the exact same for you.

    The mission is simple. We will create mouthwatering ads, optimise them for sales, get them in front of your target audience, and give you an ROI you never thought possible... and then repeat the whole process over again.

    It’s a beautiful thing.

    This is how the world’s top Ecommerce brands become globally dominant.

    And we will achieve this in a way that is fast, transparent, and within your budget.

    Our international team of Digital Strategists are ready to deliver you astonishing results that few other agencies can. We have the experience and proprietary technology to take you to the top.

    Click the button below now to set up a free call with one of our Digital Strategists so we can create a blueprint for growth for your business.


    Why Choose
    Dtekdigital for Google Shopping Ads?

    Skyrocket your ROI with our best Google shopping management services for eCommerce. We provide you a variety of campaign options to help your eCommerce website scale higher sales volume. As an authentic Google product listing ads agency, Dtek Digital helps your business work best in this versatile online marketplace.

    Negative Keywords

    We funnel relevant keywords for suitable ad campaigns to avoid wasted ad spend. Optimal use of negative ensures your brand won’t show up for irrelevant search terms.

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    Transparent Insights & Reporting

    Results are everything. We understand your objectives to incredibly fine-tune your Google shopping campaigns in the allocated budget. And each of the steps is backed by detailed reporting.

    Well-optimized Product Feed

    We work with you to generate optimized shopping feeds to attract shoppers. Our experts curate prompt, accurate, and keyword-rich titles for optimal engagement.

    Hierarchical Ad Campaign Structure

    We keep bid low or generic keywords, effectively prioritize more relevant ones, and strategically focus-spend in competitive areas with our funnel-like campaign hierarchy.

    Real Members

    Our numbers speak for themselves, that’s why we have carved a specific niche in digital marketing with our experts who have more than 12 years of experience.

    We’ll help increase sales of your products by understanding your audience, doing competitive research, developing and implementing strategy-driven campaigns that are focused to get high conversions while reducing your cost per acquisition.

    • Are you spending more than 10% on branded search? We help you improve your account’s efficiency.
    • Are you not spending more than 50% of the budget on Google Shopping campaigns? We unleash Google shopping as a new customer engine.
    • We leverage a full-funnel approach to infuse the best creatives for your brand advertisement.

    Our Google
    Shopping Campaign Process

    We help your brand reach millions with our strategically designed, compelling ad copies with granular structures to scale up your Google Ads program. In addition, we have expert PPC managers who help you with full-stack lead generation and incredibly functional data-driven search engine marketing.

    Analysis Phase

    Once you decide to be in partnership with us, we coordinate with your team to understand your business tactics and your payback goals. With the intensive research work of your market and products done by the Dtekdigital experts, we overhaul the loopholes. Our experts always present a complete and customised Google Shopping strategy for your Google Account.

    Account Analysis

    We offer you a free Google Account Analysis to see what and where are the loopholes and how we can help you in managing things better, no compulsions.


    The Secret Recipe is that we offer our proficiency and mastery at a very affordable price. We utilise our energy on optimising the queries segment, audience and product targeting, promotion updates, testing….and testing. We have a dedicated team of Google Experts which ensures your account is running at the first ranking as much as possible.

    Monthly Reporting

    Not only this we also optimise the campaign monthly for the maximum results. Our team always keeps you informed about the daily changes being made by us.

    Dtekdigital’s Approach To Google Shopping Ads

    We combine detailed customer insight with a data-driven approach to Google Shopping campaigns. Our granular framework pairs suitably with valid business data, including product margin and stock levels, to fit in our result-oriented Google shopping campaigns.

    Dtek Digital provides you with a comprehensive process to upscale the relevance of your ad and boost sales.

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